Get to Know the Team

A group of Amazon experts

Since 2004, we’ve been working with Amazon. This was before the days of Seller Central and Vendor Central! We’ve grown up with Amazon, honing our skills and knowledge to help vendors and sellers succeed on the platform.

Carina McLeod

CEO | Consultant

I began my buying career in the UK, working for a network of brick-and-mortar retailers...

Dani Thompson

Marketing Manager

Since graduating from university, I've worked in marketing. During an exchange program with...

Katy Luxem

Content Manager

I graduated from the University of Washington with degrees in English and journalism, and...

Georgina Saxby

Client Manager

My online retail 'career' began when I was 13 years old when I established my business using...

Melis Kip

Client Manager

I relocated to London from Amsterdam in 2012 to work for Amazon UK. It was my first...

Sara Cooper

Manager of Business Support

I'm enthusiastic about assisting businesses in being more effective and streamlining their...

Sophie Wheatley

Client Services Executive

My prior expertise focused on projects and data analysis, as I worked in the commercial...

Sara Romero Mira

Spanish translator

My work as an interpreter isn't only to translate words from Spanish to any other...

Marina Taffetani

Italian translator

After graduating from the University of Florence with a degree in German and...

Silvia Kadir

French translator

I began my career in the publishing sector, working for some different companies in...

Emma Smith

social media consultant

My marketing career began in 2002 with ITV, a major television network, and then moved...

Karen Blake

personal assistant

With vast experience in Human Resources and Administrative Support, I believe I can...

Saffron Wainman

Marketing Executive

As a typical Millennial, I've always been interested in social media. I didn't realize you could...

Edwin Ball

Advertising Manager

My job experience is primarily from Amazon, where I spent nearly four years in the...

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our core values



We are honest and reliable. Building trust with others is of utmost importance. We focus on long term gains over short term wins.​


Challenge the norm

We don’t conform and accept the status quo. We think big and are not afraid of change.



We appreciate that no one size fits all. We customize our style and approach according to our team and client’s needs.


Just do it

We make things happen, take control and get on with it. We don’t waste time procrastinating. We are comfortable taking calculated risks.


That won’t do

We are not happy with mediocre. We push ourselves to produce work to high standards and deliver the best results.


Work life balance

We know when to work hard and when to switch off and enjoy ourselves.